Provide safe workplaces for your employees while they are standing.
They reduce absenteeism due to sickness and accidents, and promote job satisfaction and the productivity of your workforce.

ropf arbeitsplatzmatten

“I work more loosely and relaxed on a ROPF workplace mat. The back doesn’t hurt anymore and I feel fit even after work!”

ropf arbeitsplatzmatten

“The ROPF elastic rubber mats enhance my workplace, I stand more safely and comfortably and thus perform better! “

  • sure-footed
  • elastic
  • dimensionally stable
  • abrasion resistant
  • stable
  • Option: antistatic 10 high 6 Ω IEC 61340-5-1 / 2
  • non-slip
  • easy on the joints
  • Insulating
  • healthy
  • accident-preventing

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Ensure better and safer working conditions with the use of ROPF workplace mats.

ROPF Workplace – Mats made of nitrile rubber are used wherever employees perform their work in a standing position, for example at:

  • Assembly stations
  • Conveyor belts
  • Packing tables
  • Printing Machines
  • Sales counters
  • Test and measuring stations
  • Picking stations
  • Laboratories etc.

ROPF Switzerland is the leading manufacturer of ergonomic floor coverings for industry, trade and warehouse logistics – multifunctionally applicable in the
most diverse operating areas.

ROPF workplace mats create comfortable and safe workplaces. They reduce absences due to accidents and illness.
Job satisfaction and productivity increase, absenteeism and absenteeism decrease.

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